Stahl, Spanholz, Keramik Fliesen,
Epoxid Harz, Baumwolle, Edelstahl
115 x 63 x 5 cm

until we meet again is a multimedia installation that served as a stage and studio. It was a temporary space where performances, talks, concerts and DJ sets were recorded for FRUITFEST.

At the core of the work are references to artistic and activist positions of the 90s that dealt with HIV and AIDS and their influence on queer aesthetics and community building. Ideas were further spun, abstracted and mixed with today's relevant subcultural elements to bring the topic back into the consciousness of the present.

You might not be able to read me fully
and your gaze won’t make me more transparent

I´m sending subtle signs
from different factions

I build a fluid self

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I start my work reminiscing about the past

many people in small spaces
bodies to bodies
pressed against each other

against cooling materials
metal, tiles, plywood, leather
yet I ́m glowing

reaching trance in togetherness, seems so long ago

too far away to really remember
too far away to look forward to

I look through my drawers and the pieces I find
link me to the past
witnesses of joy and togetherness
they let me dream of different futures1

I crave a community
we have yet to build

I think about Felix’ billboards quite often these days2

I think about those soft sheets
left with imprints of the bodies that once shared it

of a warm blanket covering me and my former lovers

a tender touch on my skin
the smell of sweat in my nose

a feeling of nostalgia overcomes me

so public yet so intimate
those left beds are like crime scenes
of sexual terrorism Paul B. might say3

around for longer than I am those billboards are still so relevant to me
and watching the work I made
I can see a similarity

a shared feeling
a shared topic, especially

we are of the same blood, somehow
but I ́m protected

pumped up with a triple combination saving my CD4s we do live in different times, after all

while battling silenced deaths
queers of past generations
influenced our own kind of abstraction

“And desire is collective: it has many voices and is patched together from different times. It does not belong to anyone. It is not bound to any individual body. “Abstract Drag” then occurs outside of a concrete, individual body but nonetheless cannot be conceived outside of (queer) embodiments”4

I want it to be stuffed with references
more than a fist full inside

and relatable
like a candy wrapped in silver foil5
a never-ending source of bittersweet memories

I want it to be alien
like a stroll in a hallway
between huge fiberglass pills6

and to be loud
like a pink triangle on a t-shirt7

I want to be fruity
emptied out and stitched back up8
“a rotten peach, good enough to eat”9

did I forget anything?
for sure

because I want to be so many
but not all the same

not opposite but both
and always in between