Lukas Gritzner (*1995 in Vienna, Austria) is a multimedia artist who studied site- specific art at the University of Applied Arts Vienna.

He works on the intersection of sculpture, sound and media installation, often creating immersive environments that can be used as a stage for performance and happenings. With an interest in blurring the dichotomy of hard and soft, he works with a variety of materials such as metals, stone, fabric, flowers and found objects. His artistic practice is informed by socially engaged art, queer subcultures, their spaces and characteristics that constitute them.

Selected Exhibitions include “Nominated…Vordemberge-Gildewart Grant 2022” at Mumok Vienna and “QUEER TALKS. Series of talks on artistic research and studies in the field of queer history(s) and subjectivity(ies)” at Queer Museum Vienna.
Recently he performed Live-Sets at Kwia Berlin, Ambient focused listening space and Belvedere 21.